blueSIP Business DSL / SDSL

blueSIP Business DSL in the SDSL variant supplies a broadband Internet connection based on SHDSL technology (Symmetrical High-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line).


  • SHDSL broadband connection
  • Downstream-bandwidth up to 15.360 kBit/s (from Internet to
  • Upstream-bandwidth up to 15.360 kBit/s (from customer to Internet)
  • pre-configured, managed SDSL-router
  • 2 (optional 4) analogue phone jacks (POTS)
  • 2 (optional 4) digital phone jacks (ISDN BRI)

About DSL

DSL (Sigital Subscriber Line) connections are realized using copper wires of the local telephone network.

Availability and maximum achievable bandwidth depend on distance to the next DSLAM enabled telephone switch, line path and quality of the wires (attenuation, pertubation).