Number porting

blueSIP offers the opportunity to port numbers or number blocks from already existing German telephone extensions. This service covers all German local area telephone networks.

Background information on number porting
Using blueSIP's Premium service, a number porting to blueSIP is possible. From your current carrier, the phone numbers will be ported to blueSIP to ensure a continuous availability with your well known numbers. However, the porting is only possible if you stay within the same local telephone area network. That means, a porting of phone numbers to other local area telephone networks is not possible (area code remains the same).

Number porting order
Please fill in the complete order forms and send them to blueSIP/ccn. The contractor has to be same as the owner of the telephone numbers.

Please verify conveniently you are the owner and free to dispose of the numbers.

Get your order form now

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which includes the order forms for number porting.

Please note

Please note, that all numbers from your existing telephone connection will be ported.

It is not possible to port partially a few numbers.

By porting all numbers, it might be that your telephone line contract will be cancelled from your current carrier - and the basis for a broadband DSL connection might be vanished this way!